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Capacitive equipment

In this catalogue section we bring to your attention the qualitative and advanced food vessels. They are very important equipment feature without which no one food and non food production can run. The food vessels are in widespread use on production enterprises for the collecting, storage, mixing of viscous and fluid masses as well as for concentration of milk and dairy products, fruit juices, tomato juice, vegetable extracts, pharmaceutical drugs.

The main advantage of the vacuum evaporating vessels is the product evaporation enabling under low temperature.

The vessels are used in various production branches in mixing processes, heat treatment, product homogenizing and dispergation.

The vessels are applied for production of the following products:

– ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, horseradish, sauces, desserts and many others.

– soft soap, shampoos, beauty products and pharmaceutical drugs

– household chemicals, car care products, disinfection agents, various non-food grade oils

The food vacuum vessel is performed as a bowl shaped welded construction with conical bottom and double wall made of food grade stainless steel AISI304, mounted upright on three adjustable supports.

There is an arm mixer inside vessel designed for the low viscosity products mixing on high speed. The mixer is equipped with additional support on the vessel bottom.

The top cover is cone shaped (vacuum performance).

The access hatch ДУ400mm is mounted on it, and the installed motor drives the arm mixer.

There is an inspection hole on the top cover designed for the visual inspection while product preparation.

The tubes for water supply and for vessel chamber degassing are also installed on the vessel top cover.

The hopper with capacity 40dm3 is designed for the bulk products feeding.

The space between vessel walls is filled up with technical fluid (water) for the product heating. The fluid is heated by tubular heating elements, installed on the structure lower part.

The vessel is controlled by dual channel temperature controller installed on the remote panel. The temperature sensor is positioned between vessel walls for temperature monitoring inside vessel.

The vacuum evaporator is designed for the cooking and evaporating of condensed milk, mayonnaise, sauces, ketchup, tomato paste, vegetable and fruit puree, jam, conserve, marmalade, confiture, as well as various food concentrates at subatmospheric pressure.

The machines are equipped with steam, water jackets for product heating and cooling while preparation process, access hatches, as well as rotating CIP-heads for qualitative washing after production cycles are finished.

Compared to atmospheric evaporation the advantage of the cooking at subatmospheric pressure is product boiling at temperature lower than 100°С ensuring significant preservation of nutritive substances and raw materials coloring pigments.

The evaporating process of the same moisture quantity while vacuum boiling occurs faster than at atmospheric evaporation.

The various types of machine capacity and equipping due to production and technological features are available.


The vacuum evaporator is performed as a hermetic cylindrical vessel of food grade stainless steel, equipped with driven mixing unit, heating jacket with heat transfer agent. The unloading in unit occurs by means of vacuum pump.

There are starters for agitator, vacuum pump, thermoregulator with product temperature indicating, heating elements starters (electrical heating performance) on the vacuum evaporator control panel. The unloading in unit is controlled by means of vacuum gage.

The pressure control in unit is available.

All equipment manufactured by NPP “Tavriapromservice” conforms to the International Quality Certificate ISO 9001.