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UMT machines are designed for product packing, bundling and bundle packaging.
Products for packing: foods, empty jars, bottles, boxes, other products that do not need preliminary packaging (wood, tiles, metal parts).
Product is packed in thermal shrinking polyethylene to avoid its pollution, damaging, moisture penetration and packaging into wooden and cardboard packs.

The main components (subassemblies) of UMT-600M, UMT-600PO2, UMT-600PT, UMT-1500PT, UMT-600A are:
• Bundle forming device (former);
• Packing device (packer)
• Board of controls
The former forms the bundle, regulates its dimensions.
The packer makes film cutting, welding, film portioned offsetting, as well as film shrinking and at the exit the bundle is cooled and stabilized.
Board of controls operates and controls technological parameters.
UMT machine modifications
UMT-600P machine is one-rolled hand-operating machine.
The bundle packing, wrapping, cutting and delivering into the thermo chamber are made manually.
Film roll is placed on the swinging mountings. The film end is fixed on the table with the wedge-type stop.
UMT-600M machine is the mechanical machine.
The bundle is collected manually. The bundle wrapping and film un-winding are made mechanically because of the bundle movement.
The bundle pusher and the electric knife are operated manually.
UMT-600PO2 machine is the high productivity semi-automatic machine.
The bundle is collected manually. Film un-winding device is equipped with electric drives that speed up the bundle wrapping and driving to the thermo chamber. The bundle pusher and the electric knife work from the pneumatic drives (automatically).
UMT-600PT, UMT-1500PT machine is the semi-automatic machine with the transporter.
The packer is combined with the transporter where the ready bundles go to (product on pads, in boxes, single articles). It allows to build the device into the technological line. The film un-winding and the bundle wrapping are made automatically. The bundle pusher and the electric knife work from the pneumatic drive (automatically).
UMT-600A machine is an automatic machine.
This machine doesn’t need the operator’s presence. It can be designed in accordance with the customer’s technical specification.

Productivity, packs per minute up to 4
Package dimensions, mm 400x300x350
Device dimensions, mm 3550x1120x1850
Weight, kg 550
Capacity, kW 22,8
Electric power supply, V/Hz  380/50
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