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MPPE – 10000A

MPPE-10000A – machine is designed for circular or segmental polypropylene label gluing from the roll onto the cylindrical (PET or 0,5-2 l glass bottle) containers. The machine productivity is up to 10000 bottles per hour. The machine is equipped with MELTON (Spain) glue equipment.

Productivity bottles / hour 10 000
Device dimensions, mm 4660x1665x2014
Weight, kg  1150
Bottle’s diameter, mm 45-110
Label material, mcm pilipropilen 35-40
Label height, mm 45-150
Glue consumption  1 kg for 15 000 labels
Capacity, kW 12
Compressed air consumption, l/min 130
Pneumatic power supply MPa  0,45-0,6


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