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MBE-6000 machine is designed for label gluing onto the cylindrical containers.
In accordance with the customer’s request it can be designed for the specific packs and label dimension with possible regulation of the label height, pack diameter and label dimensions.
Label can be glued as on the part of the pack so along the whole pack circle. MBE-6000 device construction allows to save glue because glue is put on the pack by two thin strips.


MBE machine is operated by infra-red emanation counter. When the bottle gets into the counter zone the pneumatic cylinder works and the cassette comes to the glue roll. The label is drown down by the roll and carried via the label taking-off comb to the belts of the running device. At this moment the turnstile star drives the pack to the label.
The pack gets between the running device and the running rail and starts to rotate catching and turning the label around itself. If there is no next bottle the counter closes the pneumatic cylinder. If the pneumatic cylinder is closed the cassette doesn’t go to the glue roll and the label isn’t delivered. When there is the next bottle the cycle starts again.

Productivity bottles / hour 6000
Device dimensions, mm 2100x1200x1500
Weight, kg  410
Bottle’s diameter, mm 45-110
Label material, mcm paper
Label height, mm 50-130
Glue consumption for label 300×100 mm  2,6 kg for 6 000 labels
Capacity, kW 2,5
Compressed air consumption,m³ per min (3 bar) 0,96
Electric power supply, V/Hz 380/50


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