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Melting tank

The cheese melting tank СП-300 type is designed for production of all processed cheese types:

– cheese slices (including melted cheese sausage);

– creamy cheese;

-cheeses based on “Almette” and “Philadelphia” soft cream cheese;

– heat-treated fruit cream yoghurt;

– cheese sauces;

– mayonnaise, ketchup etc.

Our melting tank enables the production of the high quality product comparable with well known “Hochland”, “Viola” trade marks etc.

The maximal capacity is 5 melting operations per hour – 1150kg/h (with preliminary cheese pregrinding in the mincer). When loading the cheese blocks up to 10kg into the tank without its preliminary grinding in the mincer, the pregrinding time in the tank increases and the tank capacity goes down up to 4 melting operations per hour accordingly. The knife rotation speed is set in the program control. The interval is from 600 up to 2950 rpm.

The preset water quantity is automatically added into the tank.

The melting tank operation is available both in manual and automatic mode with possible program saving in automatic mode.

The suction unit is build in in the tank cover for the automatic feeding of the dry ingredients, spices, flavourings etc. during product preparation (without tank cover opening). The tank washing occurs according to CIP washing program.

All equipment manufactured by NPP “Tavriapromservice” conforms to the International Quality Certificate ISO 9001.

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