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Ketchup production lines

The line is used for ketchups and sauces production and provides the following technological operations: suction of fluid products (dry and liquid ones), blending of liquid products and low viscosity products, dispersion of powders and agglomerates in liquids, emulsion production, deaeration of a product in vacuum.

The line is characterized by automatic control and regulation of preliminary heating temperature, pasteurization temperature, recirculation subject to insufficient temperature, as well as product deaeration system, the aforesaid provides high quality products without any preservatives and colouring agents. It also produces various ketchups or sauces with additives (for example “lecho”) to 7 mm. A product is homogenized before mixing. This operation provides a homogeneous product and it is not flaked.

Operation principles

Primary ingredients (mash, sugar etc.) are loaded to vacuum vaporizer via a receiver cone (by means of vacuum) and through a hatch. Then vacuum evaporation upon continuous blending. Finished mass is homogenized, pumped to a storage tank (and cooled there) and moved to be packaged.

“Tavriapromservice” SPC is a holder of the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

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