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CIP washing stations

Food equipment and pipelines washing and disinfection are one of the important features of sanitary standards provision and maintenance in production in order to produce safe and quality products.

The CIP washing operation principle implies the circulation of solution passing through washing and returning into vessel with the further water rinsing and draining into sewerage.

The pipelines are laid in the washing bottom and stretch from the vessels with cleaning solution to the pump with heat exchanger. The required solution is fed into the heat exchanger and is heated up to set temperature, after that it comes into the feeding line passing through the circle route. It returns back into the vessel after equipment rinsing. The feeding line and the circle route are rinsed with the water, than this procedure occurs in the other vessel passing through the same circle route.

Each solution can circulate within proper time without returning back into the vessel through the circulating tank. If the solution is too dirty, the return valve in the vessel is locked, and the relief valve opens.

The solution preset concentration is automatically maintained by dispensers. The solution and steam lines are equipped with temperature and pressure sensors. The vessels are fitted with level sensors (upper, lower and middle).

All equipment manufactured by NPP “Tavriapromservice” conforms to the International Quality Certificate ISO 9001.

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