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Cascade cooling equipment

It is designed for the cooling of Doypack packages after product hot filling at 95˚C (product intake temperature) up to packaging temperature at 40˚C (exit temperature) at 5˚C water cooling temperature. This equipment is used for the product cooling like ketchup, mayonnaise, tomato paste, jam, mustard, fruit puree and many others.

Operating principle
The machine consists of the feeding conveyor and the cascade cooler. The conveyor is mounted on the mobile frame and is connected to cascade cooling on the top. The packages are transported by the feeding conveyor on the cascade cooler conveyor upper belt. The cascade cooler is a structure with five conveyors installed on the frame closed by plexiglass. The conveyors run in opposite directions. After dropping on the upper conveyor belt, the package moves on it and rolls on the lower conveyor, which runs in opposite direction, till than it is in the end of the lowest conveyor, from which the package comes into receiving tray. While transportation the packages are sprayed by cooling water through adjustable system spraying groups resulting in product cooling down inside package from 95 ˚С to 40 ˚С.

All equipment manufactured by NPP “Tavriapromservice” conforms to the International Quality Certificate ISO 9001.

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