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AEM-3 is designed for rolling together self-gluing labels onto the turning bodies (bottles, cans and so on) in automatic mode.
Applicator is used together with the customer’s transporter. Applicator can serve the transporter on 700-1000mm height.


The label device delivers the label band, fixes packs, separates labels from the band and puts them directly on packs. The regulated supports can combine the label device with transporters of different heights.
The board of controls operates and controls all technological parameters.
The applicator operation is based on label ability to separate from the background easily and keep all sticking properties.
The customer’s transporter delivers packs for labeling. The band with labels is inserted into the applicator. The height of label placement varies with limit washers.

Productivity labels/min up to 150
Machine dimensions, mm 2000x1100x1100
Weight, kg 200
Label length, mm up to 200
Label width, mm 20-100
Electric power supply, V/Hz 220/50
Capacity, kW 1


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