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Frying machine

The frying machine ЖМ-700 type is designed for stewing and frying of vegetables and other grinded masses, salads, sauces, sautéed vegetables, vegetable paste and appetizers production at high temperature.

The frying machine is performed as a rectangular-shaped vessel made of high quality imported food-grade stainless steel mounted on supports.

The machine working chamber is manufactured as a rectangular-shaped tank.

The tank bottom is divided in two parts with semicylinder shape.

There are scraper-type agitators installed in each part and rotating in opposite direction.

The machine is equipped with jacket for the product heating. The heat transfer agent is special oil, which ensures the product cooking at constant high temperature.

The oil is heated by means of heating elements unit mounted in the heating station. The station is positioned on the floor close to machine.

To ensure the uniform product heating and to prolong heating elements service-life time, the oil inside jacket is circulated by pump. As the oil has the high expansion coefficient, the machine is equipped by expansion tank. The tank prevents the overpressure formation and ensures safe operation of the staff working at high temperatures.

The machine upper part is closed by stainless steel grid preventing the large foreign objects entering as well as operator’s hands.

The machine chamber can be additionally covered, if the product stewing or steaming-out are required. The cover is fixed by two hinges and can be easily removed. The product feeding occurs both manually and by means of drum tilter (see description below).

The product discharge proceeds through the special openings in the chamber side.

The in-service discharge openings are closed by slide gate controlled by pneumocylinders.

To avoid overflowing the gates are sealed by special materials. By this means all machine sides, except top side, are hermetic.

The machine operation is performed by OVEN controller (Russia) with data printing on electronic control panel.

All equipment manufactured by NPP “Tavriapromservice” conforms to the International Quality Certificate ISO 9001.